Bad Moon Recording is a start up recording studio located in York, Pennsylvania. Bad Moon specializes in local country music artists. We are proud to announce our new partnership with a few of the local businesses in the York area. Bad Moon Recording has teamed up with the York Revolution, 107.7 WGTY and Shipley Energy to bring you some of the finest local artists.

The York Revolution is a local independent league baseball team. The team is one of the biggest attractions in the York Area. Bad Moon will be hosting a few concerts located at the stadium and we greatly appreciate their gratitude in allowing us to host some amazing shows. The stadium is located on North George Street only blocks away from some of the best dining and bars in the city.

Shipley Energy is widely involved in helping other local companies and is one of the largest employers in York. Shipley has infused Bad Moon Recording with a healthy amount of resources in order fr the company to be one of the best in the south central Pennsylvania region. We plan to upgrade the studios and make a greater push in finding new talent. We also plan on utilizing an aggressive marketing campaign to goin more followers on our social media sites and to be advertised on local radio stations.

107.7 WGTY is one of the hottest local country music stations in the area. They provide the listeners with the most popular country music songs of the time along with introducing new artists. Bad Moon Recording will be working closely with WGTY to allow our artists to be featured on the radio station in an attempt for the artist to be heard by more listeners. WGTY also offers free concerts at the York Fair and the artists at Bad Moon Recording will be able to feature for the events.

We are excited and look forward to the future with our new partners. We strive to provide the York area with some of the finest talents and we will always support our other local businesses. For more information, you can go to one of our many social media sites.

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